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Student's Health

Healthy Students, Bright Futures

The Clinic has had an interest in student health arising initially from the large numbers of students residing in rented accommodation locally and from its current involvement in the provision of a comprehensive medical service for the students of The Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT).

  • Free registration service – giving students access to information, regular appointments and out of hours services. Ring the surgery and request “student registration appointment”.
  • Patients with medical cards, who are registered with doctors outside Dublin, will be seen under the terms of the GMS (medical card) Scheme. i.e. free to the patient.
  • Students hoping to apply for medical cards will be signed on.
  • Confidentiality
  • Offer to work and liase with students’ other doctors or health care providers around the country in cases of chronic medical problems, should the student so direct us.
  • Information and access to the wide range of community, psychological and medical facilities available to us in Dublin.

The complications of heart disease, hypertension and smoking, are a threat to middle aged and older women, as are cancer and chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis and bronchitis. Osteoporosis prevention and management, and social problems brought on by old age and death of a spouse, are features in the older population. Our general practice service deals with all of these issues and aims to help women take steps that lead to a healthier life.

The following are the main types of issues that young adults present with:

  • Contraception
  • Minor Illness
  • Psychological – including anxiety, depression, study/course problems, family problems, eating disorders
  • Sexual health
  • Sports injuries
  • Chronic Illness like asthma, epilepsy etc
  • Alcohol related issues including assault, risk from uncertain sexual contact
  • Crisis pregnancy

The Mirena Coil and Implanon implant can be fitted in the clinic by making a specific appointment.

  • Initial Consultation -€55
  • Mirena fitting – €170
  • Check up within 3 months -FREE
  • Removal of Mirena coil -€55
  • Initail consultation – €55
  • Implanon fitting €120
  • Removal €140
  • Removal and refit ( same day) €140

There is a purchase cost for Mirena and Implanon of approximately €120 from pharmacies

DIT Students

The Belgrave Clinic is contracted by the Student Services Department of the Dublin Institute of Technology to provide a comprehensive medical service to the students of the DIT Colleges based at Angier St, Kevin St, Rathmines and Chatam Row (School of music) in the South of the city and Boltan St, Mountjoy Sq and Cathal Brugha St in the North of the city . These cater for some 12,000 students. The Clinic advises on the development of the overall medical services DIT offers its students. Our service here also involves commitment to surgeries 5 days per week at the Medical Centre,Aungier StCollege,Dublin2 in the South of the city and at the Medical Centre,Boltan StCollege, Linen Hall,Dublin1 in the North of the city

DIT students can attend the Belgrave Clinic during holiday periods for a reduced rate of €35 per visit. To make an appointment during these times you must ring the Belgrave Clinic  on 014975666. Please inform the receptionist that you are a DIT student and a student card must be produced on arrival at the clinic.

After you leave college you might like to continue attending the GPs who you have come to know while attending the DIT as a student. It is possible for you to do this at a reduce fee of €45 per visit for the first year after you leave college. To make an appointment during these times you must ring the Belgrave Clinic  on 014975666. Please inform the receptionist that you are an ex DIT student and a student card must be produced on  arrival at the clinic.

Your Trusted Care Partner in South City Dublin​

The Belgrave Clinic aims to provide a quality primary health care service to individuals, families and groups of people who live or work within the broad catchment area of the practice.

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